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I read like an academic, no matter what I’m reading. I can’t help it. E-readers make this more difficult for me to do in the way that I’m used to with lots of underlining and writing in the margins, but … Continue reading

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If you’ve ever had a major medical issue, you know that your relationship with your body changes. A lot. I’ve been feeling not so great the past few days. Feeling, in fact, much like I felt last spring before my … Continue reading

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So, our house has been on the market for almost 6 months. I believe that every single person who lives in this town has been through it, but to no avail. We still own it. We had 3 showings and … Continue reading

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As you may have been able to tell by the lag in posting, I’m tired. So. Freaking. Tired. A) We have a 9 month old who laughs in the face of that old “sleep like a baby” adage. B) I … Continue reading

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I did it!

I ran outside! It was freaking glorious. When I left, it was 46 and sunny. My fingers and feet burned for quite a bit of it, but overall, I felt great. AND, dang, I was faster than I thought I’d … Continue reading

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I am totally a creature of habit. Before it gets too cold, I worry about how I’ll make it through the winter months on the treadmill instead of running outside. I’ve been running inside for so long now that, while … Continue reading

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sunshiny day

It was absolutely gorgeous here today. It must have been 60 degrees and sunny. Glorious. If I hadn’t gotten up early for my workout, it would have been the perfect afternoon to take Trudy for a jog in the jogging … Continue reading

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spring’s horizon

I noticed this morning that all of our snow is almost gone. There are still big piles from the plows in parking lots all over town, and it is still cold, and we still might get more (it snowed a … Continue reading

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a fast (for me) 5 miles

I’m sleepy with the time change (and Trudy’s long party from I don’t know when to 4:45 or 5 this morning), so this will be short and quick. I ran my fastest treadmill 5 miles today: 44:32. I started with … Continue reading

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sweet stuff

So, I have a problem. OK, 2 problems. OK, a ton of problems. But I’m only going to write about two of them at this moment. Problem #1: I have the biggest sweet tooth this side of the Mississippi. (Well, … Continue reading

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