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I knew that this week would be a week of remembering for me. I was right. A year ago, Memorial Day weekend, we had a ton of family/nesting/getting ready for baby time. A week before, we took Arden rock climbing … Continue reading

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I leave tomorrow to drive 4 hours to write with my grad school friend, and my preparation makes me realize how, well, off I’ve been for the past year. I was reading today, and making a whole scholarly argument in … Continue reading

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9 miles and erasing the mind/body duality

I haven’t run farther than 4 miles or outside since, well, since I last posted about running 6 miles to the park. I know that it takes about 4 months to train well for a half marathon. I’m running in … Continue reading

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climbing back on

Today was the first ever Kalamazoo Marathon. The race passed by our corner, so the family and I took Trudy’s noise makers and cheered and cheered. Those first dudes who run each of the 26 miles faster than I can … Continue reading

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