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It’s nothing

I’m having an MRI tomorrow morning (at 5:45! Hooray for someone else doing the scheduling without asking! I’m mostly annoyed because it is prime workout time. And, I’m also annoyed that I’ll have to take out my nose ring. The … Continue reading

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So, I’m still (very very slowly) reading this book, and one of the three things the author writes about as a way to reduce the incidence of cancer, or of recurrence, or to help during treatment is to reduce the … Continue reading

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refocusing. again.

So, when your partner orders tons of food from your 2 favorite restaurants for your party AND said partner has always had a fear (when entertaining, which we do frequently) of not having enough food, there are lots of yummy … Continue reading

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It is Trudy’s first birthday today. This, of course, is such an amazing celebration and happiness for our family. She’s such a delight, so sweet, and so full of opinions, even if she can’t yet speak them (I mean, how … Continue reading

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