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I’ve never seen myself as a competitive person. Now, before anyone who knows me even a little bit protests that statement, you’ve got to understand the family I grew up in. Competition was a fine art in my childhood. Dishwashing … Continue reading

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Because I sometimes relish the stereotype, I was listening to old school Indigo Girls on my long drive today (in my Subaru, after eating a vegetarian lunch, and thinking about a paper that a friend and I will be submitting … Continue reading

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Since I last posted, I’ve been busy living this amazing gift of a life. Lots of things happened at the same time–my summer teaching ended/I turned in my grades, the stress of wondering what was hanging out on my liver … Continue reading

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Jess has connections, so the nurses just called her up. The lesions on my liver are nothing to worry about, and my lungs and liver look good! Thank you for all the kind thoughts and prayers. Wa!Hoo!

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