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“So, you’re basically really healthy. Except for the cancer.” Sometimes, I think that is the strangest sentence. I went to the dentist yesterday for the first time since I got my wisdom teeth out over winter break in 1996 (shame … Continue reading

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not about cancer OR working out

At Arden’s soccer game on Friday (by the way–I heart going to Arden’s soccer games), I was chit chatting with two other parents about the possibility of the Michigan legislature passing a law making it illegal for publicly funded organizations … Continue reading

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impatient patient

Perhaps having cancer has spoiled me for doctors. I mean, my primary care doctor (who broke the news to Jessica and me), my surgeon (who made fun of himself by saying that he has an ego because he’s a surgeon, … Continue reading

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post half marathon thoughts

Long distances races are quieter than they used to be. At the starting line of my first half marathon (the Atlanta Half on Thanksgiving, 1997) it was chilly and dark, and runners were hopping up and down nervously to stay … Continue reading

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do something good

We’ve been moving stuff around and clearing stuff out. Our house is not selling, and we are more than over it. While we’re going to give it a few more months, we’re moving ahead as though we’ll be here. This … Continue reading

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Ready, Set …

Go! I think all teachers feel a sense of urgency in our stomachs the night before school starts–I always have, whether teaching seven year olds or 30 year olds. Now, as a parent, I feel that urgency for my own … Continue reading

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I’m running the Chicago Half Marathon in 11 days. I’m pretty ready. I want to run a few 5 milers between now and when we leave, do one more speed workout, and one more hard circuit workout. I’m nervous and … Continue reading

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