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Yesterday after I picked her up from day camp, I told Trudy that we needed to run a quick errand to the hospital. “The hostible? YOUR hostible? Is it the same as Guses hostible? What color your hostible?” (Gus is … Continue reading

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I’m working at my house today–it’s quiet and empty with both kids at camp (Trudy is at the fabulous preschool camp at the school where Arden goes and where she’ll go in September. I swear that she looks bigger and … Continue reading

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I’m sitting on the couch in the beautiful space in Asheville, NC where one of my dearest college friends lives. She’s not on facebook (and doesn’t that seem to be the major “how to stay up with friends” mode? We … Continue reading

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Sometimes, you relive a past moment, and I’m going to say it’s hard. My patient to patient match cancelled our coffee today because of exhaustion. We’re emailing, and she starts chemo tomorrow, and wow. I remember my fear. When I … Continue reading

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Summer Lovin’

Strawberry picking takes my mind lots of places (one of which is certainly gratefulness for the privilege that got me my day job. for real.), and doing it alone is seriously one of life’s great pleasures for me. Yes, I … Continue reading

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Life saver

I’m pretty stoked to be celebrating sweet Trudy’s third birthday tomorrow. It was really really hard not to say something on the 8th (her actual birthday), and now she is full of “you gonna sing, ‘Happy birthday to YOU’ to … Continue reading

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Dear June, Please ease up. xo

Y’all, this summer class? It is killing me. I think it wouldn’t be killing me if our childcare situation wasn’t what it is (which is to say … nothing), but damn. 9 to 4 with an hour break is a … Continue reading

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In the three years since my diagnosis with stage 3 colon cancer (it’s a strange anniversary, isn’t it?), I have co-parented two wonderful children, been a partner (sometimes, I will say, a great one, other times, a needs improvement one), … Continue reading

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