spring is, apparently, on a break

It is my “spring” break. Sad trombone. (I know, I should not complain. I have the privilege of paid time off.) It has been too cold to cross country ski. Trudy made me a paper flower and a paper butterfly, and gave them to me this morning saying, “It’s LIKE spring.” Sigh. BUT, I took her to open swim at the Y yesterday after school, and played Quarkle with Arden after he finished his homework and I got Trudes to bed last night, and Jess, Trudy, and I had a girls out for lunch today with a gift certificate, and we’re having friends over tomorrow for lesbian movie night/dip for dinner, so all in all, that is a pretty amazing week, and I’ve only listed stuff through Wednesday. I think it will be warm enough to ski tomorrow, and I have a meeting with a friend on Friday that will be both work and hanging out–the best kind of meeting. 

Also, I’ve been, uh, disobeying orders on running. Because I’m a runner. And I like running. I’ve slowed way way down, and ice the hell out of myself after, and I seem to be OK. There is an indoor tri in a few weeks, and I really want to do it. I went to the gym this morning (at NOT 5 in the morning–another spring break perk) to practice all three sports at once. I’ve done a lot of swimming and then running, or biking and then running, but it has been since the 90s that I did all three in one workout. I just mimicked the race–20 minutes in the water, speed change, race to the spinning room, 20 minutes on the bike (the room was empty, and I just left the light off. It was peaceful in a strange way), put the bike away, race to the treadmill. I did it. I think I can go faster at each sport, so I’m going to sign up. Yay for seeing a goal and going after it. I am going to skip running a half marathon this year. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m kind of relieved. I need to think about why–is it because I know–KNOW–I will never run one as fast as I did last year? Because I know I’d have pain? I don’t know. I might not care. OK, I do. But, I’m looking forward to this tri regardless.

And, I know that spring will get here. Right? I mean, it will. Until then, may thisImage simile of spring bring you joy.

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