My occasional drop by blog post

I am an intermittent blogger. I can own this. I can also own that, despite a full plate of other writing to do, I’m blogging as procrastination. It’s true. Procrastination is one of my favorite–if most ineffective–ways to use time. I mean, I’m in Urbana for my very favorite qualitative research conference, where whacky ways of thinking about research are actually the norm, so I am thinking about data and time and analysis, and perhaps procrastination is merely a way through data. In fact, while I won’t make claims of being sure about most things, I’m pretty sure of that. Justification for action: it’s what’s for dinner.

Ha. It is. Somewhere here, I wrote that we would never again be a family with a dog. Just kidding. 3 weeks ago we adopted a puppy. She’s really the cutest, and it could not be helped: IMG_0437Really. In other news: we are a dog family. The kids are over the moon. We feel like extraordinarily accomplished humans because she seems easier to potty train than our children. And, hey, I love her. I was wrong. We have another dog.

Anyhow, I was perhaps drawn back to this blogging space by the physical space of being at this conference-or this town. It is here that my friend and I first wrote about and theorized cancer in an academic way, and I’m approaching the 5 year anniversary of my diagnosis. I truly feel like this place and the kind of thinking it has inspired in my work here with Teri,  has helped me realize so much about myself, and the kind of work, and in response, way of thinking outside of work, that I want to do. It is here that I first felt allowed to think in new ways about qualitative research and about the kind of qualitative researcher I am, here that Teri pushed me to write fiction with her, here that the research about writing fiction makes the most sense. It’s exciting to me.

Anyway, I feel like I might come back here over the next few days–Teri and I are presenting some work, and going to some sessions, but mostly, we are writing. Our face-to-face time is so rare that it is precious, and we are so productive when we are together instead of states apart. And, we have written two full drafts of now published papers in this town. Seems we should get something good done. So, processing through some of that might be nice in this space. Or not. We’ll see.

In the meantime: children who love dogs. The most perfect thing:

IMG_0206 IMG_0211

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