My own personal mind police

I am clearly a world class procrastinator. I did finish my paper, but I intended to go for a run. I usually work out at the terrible hour of before anyone in the world should be awake, and so I thought, “I can sleep a little later!” I did. But, then I had coffee. And breakfast. And called my kids. And chatted with my partner. And wrote some on a different paper. And, now, my collaborator will be arriving within the hour, so I took a shower.

I mean, it’s fine. There is no Work Out Police Force (Trudy asked me last week, “what happens to vegetarians if they eat meat?” I think she was worried about the Vegetarian Police. I told her that she might get a stomach ache, and that usually vegetarians are that way because of some personal beliefs, so if her personal beliefs matched why she was a vegetarian, she’d be fine.). ANYway. No Work Out Police. Except the one in my head, and that dude is an asshole. I’m currently training for an olympic length triathlon to celebrate both my 5 year survivor anniversary and my 40th birthday (both happen this summer. I = olde) which is … crazy? … something in itself, but the one that fits my schedule is at the end of August, and is, apparently, the most hilly one in the region. So, go me for my schedule.

The only part I’m super nervous about is the bike leg–it’s 40K (or about 25 miles), and hilly. The swim? No problem at about a mile (but, I do need to get into some open water because that’ll be really different than the pool. Also, I need someone to wave their feet in my face in open water, because that’ll be different, too. ANYway. I go to a lot of spinning classes, but I know that is super different than riding on the open road. And, I really have no idea how to ride in hills. Of course, I’ve been reading articles about it, but I have yet to do it. I was given a very very old (between 15 and 20 years old) road bike that I just had fitted, so I’m ready–but nervous–to go out and try it.

Obviously, biking is not running, and I started this writing with my procrastination of running. This town is super flat, and I should have taken the opportunity to get some serious (8? 9?) miles in on flat roads, even though the 10K at the end of the tri will be super hilly. I did not. I’m kind of beating myself up about it, but I need to let it go. That’ll be totally easy.

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