sweating it out

Y’all, my house is HOT. hot. Last week, we had an unseasonably cool, wear sweatshirts in the middle of the day and long sleeved pjs to bed kind of week. This week? It is 90 and humid. Our AC broke at the beginning of August, at the end of a 4 day heat wave, which is mostly the only kind we have here in southwest MI, and we decided to wait it out–it’s a 25 year old air conditioner, we don’t have the cash saved to pay for it, we don’t really NEED it, and you know, we can wait. So, we’re waiting. And, y’all, it’s warm. At work yesterday, a colleague said, “this is your kind of weather, isn’t it?” I replied that I’ve lived above the Maxon Dixon for 10 years now, but that maybe it bothers me less than some? But is 90 anyone’s chosen weather? I ask you.

So, I’m drinking my cold brew ice coffee, waiting for my sleeping children to awaken as school has not yet started, trying to figure out what time to head to the air conditioned library today for maximum cooling benefits. Even as I complain, though, I’m remembering that Michigan summers really are the most wonderful.

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