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Two years ago, I had a New Year’s resolution to write about having cancer for publication. I’ve tried my hand and memoir-type writing, and it turns out that I kind of suck at it. It’s really hard. I’m not trained … Continue reading

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I’ve been, like the country, preoccupied with the events of Boston all week. I’m joining runners from across the country tonight–local running stores are hosting group runs in support of the people of Boston. It will be my second post-Boston … Continue reading

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Today is one of the Fridays a month that I keep Trudy’s buddy and Trudy, and the morning has been filled with sweet 2.5 year old-ness. They are silly and frustrating and hysterical. A favorite moment: Trudy: You wanna watch … Continue reading

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So, it’s December which means lots of things: Christmas at the H Dub house is a pretty big deal, and I’m already stupid excited. It also means, exams and final grades and making sure syllabi are prepped and to the … Continue reading

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I’m here!

And, as you likely know, I’m queer. It’s National Coming Out Day which always makes me miss college–nothing like signs that say, “thank you for wearing jeans in support of National Coming Out Day!”, fresh rainbow ribbon pins for one’s … Continue reading

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Bread for the journey

Please excuse the dried dough on my hands. I’m making bread. Those who have known me for a while know that this is something that I almost have to do. My mother is a bread maker. The memories of my … Continue reading

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I attended my first meeting of the Kalamazoo County Cancer Control Coalition on Monday. I was invited because A) I know some folks at the cancer center and B) the focus will be on colon cancer in 2012. As they’veĀ  … Continue reading

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Figuring out what I know

I am in Chicago this weekend for my first academic conference since April, 2010, the month before I was diagnosed. I love this particular conference for a lot of reasons, the main being that it always feels like a reunion … Continue reading

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Hotel California

A couple of months ago, my friend Sarah brought me a box of hand-me-downs for Trudy from her cutie pie seven and three year old daughters. Today, I took her some warm hats and scarves that I used during chemo. … Continue reading

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post half marathon thoughts

Long distances races are quieter than they used to be. At the starting line of my first half marathon (the Atlanta Half on Thanksgiving, 1997) it was chilly and dark, and runners were hopping up and down nervously to stay … Continue reading

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