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Ready, Set …

Go! I think all teachers feel a sense of urgency in our stomachs the night before school starts–I always have, whether teaching seven year olds or 30 year olds. Now, as a parent, I feel that urgency for my own … Continue reading

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workouts=boring, but I hope you’ll stick with me

So, Jessica doesn’t work out. At all. Well, she did once. Back when I was young, and we had been together only for a few years (so, when I was 15. Just kidding, but when I was 24 or so. … Continue reading

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Speed Work

In October of 2009 I sprained my ankle pretty badly on a run in our neighborhood. It took me a long time to feel like I could try running again, and I knew it would need to be on the … Continue reading

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Monday Menu

Because we were out of town, I was out of almond milk. I had to make some to use in my morning smoothie. It is seriously the easiest thing: 1 cup raw almonds water to cover Soak the almonds for … Continue reading

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