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working through it

Man, Monday mornings are hard. This semester, I am teaching an 8 o’clock class, so Jess drops me off early. It reminds me of my elementary school teacher days when I would arrive at the building before anyone else, walk … Continue reading

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I did it!

I ran outside! It was freaking glorious. When I left, it was 46 and sunny. My fingers and feet burned for quite a bit of it, but overall, I felt great. AND, dang, I was faster than I thought I’d … Continue reading

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workouts=boring, but I hope you’ll stick with me

So, Jessica doesn’t work out. At all. Well, she did once. Back when I was young, and we had been together only for a few years (so, when I was 15. Just kidding, but when I was 24 or so. … Continue reading

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Yoga Me

The first time I ever did yoga was when I was pregnant with Arden. I went to a fabulous prenatal yoga class in Atlanta that felt centering and quiet and was exactly what I needed in that dissertation data gathering … Continue reading

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Today is not an exciting day–it is my long teaching day, so I have my dinner packed, and already know what everything is. This morning’s workout was great–4.82 miles in 45 minutes, 20 forward ball crunches, 20 to each side … Continue reading

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